Our Services


Transmission service

We service all foreign and domestic transmissions in any configuration, (FWD, RWD, Rear Engine, Mid Engine, and Traditional Front Engine). We are using only topmost quality fluids and parts. Warranty work is always welcome. It doesn’t matter if your car may be a 1959 T-Bird or a contemporary rear-engine Porsche; we tend to perceive your car’s transmission needs. Our highly trained specialists are standing by to make your car drive like new again.

We will Diagnose first and let you know what needs fixing

We take a stepped approach to examine, give us a call before we arrive and we will listen to your concerns. From there we’ll give you a hint of what could go wrong and book you to visit a store.

Why the stepped approach? 

We want to get an idea of the potential problems before you arrive, making sure we have the right people to locate your car and we have booked you for the right time.

What about cost?

Once we have our diagnosis, you will receive a detailed quote highlighting how much you spent and when you can expect your car to be back on the road.

Our services include:

  • Overhaul Automatic / Manual Transmissions
  • Change Over Units (Automatic / Manual Transmissions and Differentials)
  • Install Automatic Shift kits
  • Repair Automatic / Manual Transmissions
  • Automatic Transmission Flush Services
  • Supply & Fit Automatic Transmission Coolers
  • Replace & Upgrade Clutch
  • Repair & Overhaul Differentials
  • Differential Air lockers, True Track
  • Repair or Replace CVs, Axles &Driveshafts
  • Replace Driveshaft Centre Bearings &Uni Joints
  • Wheels Bearings
  • Oil Inspection & Changes