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Brake and Clutch

As we all know that brake and clutch performance play an important role in making your vehicle run smoothly. Since grips don’t usually come suddenly, most of the time they are after you, but we don’t need to, but when you do, our qualified team of technicians will get you back on the road smoothly and if there are brakes the song sounds like a cat singing, our technicians are skilled. The team will make sure you are back on the road with confidence. Feel the sponge, take longer to slow down, flash the brake lights, these are common problems that our technicians deal with every day.

We’ll Diagnose Your Car with a Phone Call.

Our brake and clutch experts have come up against the most common car brake and clutch problems and can usually provide you with guidance over the phone, so give us a call before you arrive. Your local store manager will listen to your concerns, ask questions and follow up with a more thorough diagnosis. Or details before scheduling brake service.

At RR motors, we’ll make sure your brakes and clutch are up to speed with the following clutch replacement services in Campbellfield.

  • Clutch & brake assessment
  • Clutch & brake repair
  • Clutch & brake sales