Our Services

Auto electrical

At RR motors, every auto electrician is an experienced all-rounder. Most of the time, you won’t need us, but when you do, our qualified team of technicians will bring you back to Snaps with safety and security in mind. Blowing fuses, damaged switches, or dead batteries, a few things get stuck in us and if your problem isn’t planned immediately, we’ll find someone who sets a deadline at the scene.

We will Diagnose Your Car with a Phone Call

What happens next depends on what goes wrong with your car. Tell us what’s wrong first by picking up the phone before diving into the on-spot diagnosis. Your local store manager or workshop moderator listens to your concerns.

Why the extra step?

Some problems require the attention of expert auto electronics. If this happens, we will draw up a network of RR motors experts and assign the right person to the job.

What about cost?

Once we have our diagnosis, you will get a detailed quote when you spend all the price and you can expect your car to come back to your garage again.

Our services include:

  • Diagnostic Testing & Fault Reading
  • Electronic Fuel Injection & Diagnosis
  • Car Air Conditioning – Regas, Servicing & Repairs
  • New & Reconditioned, Alternators & Starter Motors, Sales & Repairs
  • Battery Sales & Testing
  • We’ll install, repair, and maintain everything from your air conditioner to your ABS brakes.